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Zi: 1 decembrie 2015

Romanian and French Heroes Monument

The Romanian and French Heroes Monument from the National Reunification War is a memorial which dates from 1921. It is located a few kilometers east of Radna, at the road to Deva. The monument was restored in the summer of 2008. Invalid Displayed Gallery

Romanian Heroes Monument

Romanian Heroes Monument from the Second World War The memorial is located within the military unit 01191 and it was inaugurated on the 7th of October 1990. Its author is Groza Alionti. On a concrete pedestal, conducted in two stages, a white marble plate was fitted, which has the following inscription: “ETERNAL GLORY TO THE…

The Soimos Fortress

The Soimos Fortress is situated on the right bank of Mures River, across Lipova, on the hill known as Cioaca Tautului. It was built after the first Tartar invasions in the area and is mentioned in documents since 1278. The Soimos Fortress is on the list of historical monuments, code LMI AR-II-a-A-00618. The fortress was…

The Lipova Museum

The Lipova Museum can be found, starting with 1958, in Sever Bocu’s house – the Minister of Banat and the president of The National Peasant Party from Timis – Torontal. Between 1958 and 1972, the Old Fond is being established, composed by historical, ethnographical and folk art objects, resulted from the nationalization of Bocu’s family…